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In every season you are able to go in for a hiking- or biking-tour in the scenically charming Hunsrück. These tours are provided by several organizers and lead to local sights. Of course you are able to visit these sights by car aswell.

Hunsrück: this is „Active in the nature “ in top form. Walking, cycling or horse riding, the diverse scenery offers a perfect scenery for any activity for every guest. autumn at Hunsrück
Walking on beautiful trails Walking, whether distance or round wandering whether with or without luggage, through weird scenery rooms or along cultural sites, comes first to the guests and locals as a Hunsrück activity furthermore.
Stress-afflicted find in the surroundings richly space to rest. The adjoining aerial health resorts testify of excellent aerial quality for which the Hunsrück is also known after the land borders. Hunsrück
a typical house of wineries Wine lovers estimate for a long time the world-famous sparkling, fine-harsh wines of the Moselle, the Rhine and Near. Many small vineyards offer to wine connoisseurs and those who would like to become it still, the possibility for many-sided comfortable wine tests.
The romantic places arouse enthusiasm largely and small. Historical local cores invite for staying. Enjoy with a coffee or a fine glass of wine the cultural atmospheres of the Rhine, the Moselle, Hunsrück and Near. The historic old town of Bernkastel-Kues ...
The famous Loreley... No matter whether to explore by the bicycle, on foot, by ship or passenger car, our surroundings a joy is for young and old!