Gasthaus Pension Echternacht


How to find us

If you are approaching from north, you follow the BAB 61 to the departure „ Emmelshausen“, where you leave the Autobahn. Then youtake the Hunsrückhöhenstraße (B327) to Kappel.Here you turn left towards Kirchberg.After about 2 km you turn left towards Reckershausen/Heinzenbach. 2 km later you pass the boundaries of Heinzenbach. Just follow the street, you will find our guesthouse after 50 metres on the left.

Approaching from the south, you have to take the BAB61 until you rech the departure „Rheinböllen“, where you leyve the Autobahn. Then you follow the B50 to the departure “Kirchberg”. After about 100 metres you turn right towards „Unzenberg/Heinzenberg. After passing the boundaries of Heinzenbach you find our guesthouse by following the street for another 750 metres on the left side.

You are aswell able to fly to Airport Frankfurt/Hahn, where we will pick you up. For your departure we will of course bring you back there, too.

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